For the lightning address this is the telegram chat associated with the lnurl standard

Was it really worth making Podcasting2.0 this super self-sovereign thing you need to have your own node running 24/7 to receive keysend donations?

The result was pushing people to blank custodial keysend providers as people cannot even use noncustodial mobile wallets to receive.

Joe Rogan releases apology video after clips of N-word use and a racist story go viral

They really wanglt him cancelled

The pro-censorship camp is in a wild predicament with Rogan. They want JRE removed from Spotify to “reduce the spread of misinformation”, but if they get their way his show becomes available on every podcast app in the world, likely increasing the size of his audience. RSS + podcasting is unstoppable.

Random guess is the company wanting to implement lightning for v4v zebedee?

This is the twitter alternative they wrote for nostr


This is fiatjafs account. Using nostr there is no account lockin for servers so thats a nice benefit

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Nostr protocol is maybe also something to look into, fiatjaf the mastermind behind lnurl is working on it alot. No shitcoin btw


How old are you?

Boost after voting, thanks!

Would be nice if podcast players implemented this, would make toping up your wallet so easy

Imaging topping up your v4v wallet by simply going to any random wallet and typing in and instantly getting the money no need to make invoices and such!

Hosted channels can help liquidity and channels closing randomly if both participant trust each other

Maybe interesting for live podcasting uses activitypub

"Owncast is a self-hosted live video and web chat server for use with existing popular broadcasting software."

Bolt 12 is dropping recurrence for now, hope the lnurl people will create a standard soon.

The people at lnurl are working/thinking about adding recurring payments maybe interesting for subscriptions?

Github =

Telegram group =

On the off chance that any Joinmarket users are reading here, if you happen to run off master, there was a commit 4 days ago that made tumbler re-use change addresses in some cases; so update immediately because I fixed that bug.

#joinmarket #bitcoin

Cant make this shit up

"While the project would theoretically allow Atlas’ mining and other data center operations to run on renewable power, there are arguments that green energy doesn’t actually make crypto itself green."

Can't believe Bitcoin is over. It was Dogecoin all along. How did I get it so wrong?

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