On the off chance that any Joinmarket users are reading here, if you happen to run off master, there was a commit 4 days ago that made tumbler re-use change addresses in some cases; so update immediately because I fixed that bug.

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Cant make this shit up

"While the project would theoretically allow Atlas’ mining and other data center operations to run on renewable power, there are arguments that green energy doesn’t actually make crypto itself green."


Can't believe Bitcoin is over. It was Dogecoin all along. How did I get it so wrong?

If sphinx can deliver what they told us in podcasting 2.0 podcast, they basically solved every payment challenge for a decentralised web

I like this video about moderation and the fediverse in general, ignore the politics but its interesting to think about this


They've disabled new signups for some reason so I couldn't create an account, but this looks like it will be perfect for chapter based LN Tips / Boosts.


Just set up a script that tries to open a 1 000 000 sat channel to anyone publishing a node key in their feed ⚡

As long as I can connect [!], and that does not always work... Marty Bent has a broken Nodl node. Brian of london has a broken Sphinx node. And some more are broken, trying to investigate.

The podcastindex.org lightning node could use some solid inbound liquidity:


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