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I wonder... is this the sort of thing a player could prepend to every mp3 request, or would that be frowned upon?

🚀 Announcing OP3: the Open Podcast Prefix Project

Wondering what folks here think of this idea - I want this to exist!

And can see a path to getting there...


Hi, is anyone at the Podcast Movement Evolutions conference this week? I’d love to meet up with any other podcasting 2.0 folks if you’re here!

Check this out, it's a rolling 7 day count of podcast topics that we found on over 13M episodes of 200k active unique podcasts throughout 2021 at ivy.fm youtube.com/watch?v=Tjqn_DwC0E

Hi, does PodcastIndex also post to PodPing when a new episode is found or does this only come from the hosting companies? If the apps could all notify PodPing when new episodes are found via their polling then I think it would solve the issue of not all the hosting companies adopting PodPing yet. I'd be happy to notify each time Ivy finds an episode. You'd still need to have polling, but it would be a lot more efficient.

Just wanted to say hi! I'm Mike Van Heyde, a cofounder of Ivy.fm, and we're very excited about the innovation you're driving with podcasting 2.0. Ivy lets listeners follow over a million topics automatically extracted from rss feed data and is based in Austin, Texas as well.

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