@dave I got this request

I just discovered your app and I really like it. Great job.

I have a request, could you please remove the duplicate version of my podcast from your directory? It was only created for China-based iTunes users, and it wasn't designed to be picked up elsewhere.

Please KEEP this version:
Name: Mosaic of China
(RSS: feed.podbean.com/mosaicofchina)

Please DELETE this version:
Name: 中国马赛克 Mosaic of China
(RSS: ximalaya.com/album/25694293.xm )
Can he unsubscribe from the index?

@martin @dave

There should probably be something along the lines of the venerable robots.txt, but a field in an RSS feed. Maybe a podcast:excludepat and podcast:includepat, you choose one, and it tells crawlers whether they should pull from a given feed.

@vandys @martin @dave <podcast:noindex> possibly used in conjunction with <podcast:newurl>

@cisene @martin @dave Do you have a ref to a spec documenting those fields? I'm having no luck w. searching for them (though I get a million refs to X-Robots-Tag).

Need to be able to tell one or more indexers to stay away (but not all!). Or be able to list the only indexers you want.

It's probably not enough to simply say "don't index me".

@vandys @martin @dave it was a stab in thin air, to borrow something .. in a case where you'd like indexing to stop and instead direct an indexer to a new feed.

The robots.txt standard .. could be looked at.

@vandys @martin @dave <podcast:noindex disallow="Spotify/* TuneIn StitcherBot" />

UserAgents from list provided by @jamescridland

@vandys @martin @dave @jamescridland But honoring this would completely up to the indexer -- also there is a complete jumble of UserAgents, which is a mess by itself.

@cisene @martin @dave @jamescridland

Just like robots.txt, yes. But the indexer IS seeing the RSS feed, so just like a web server, you have to let it communicate intention, and look to indexers to honor it.

Trying to enforce by way of netmask, UA detection, whatever--is just a losing arms race. If J Random can see the feed, the indexer will eventually cat & mouse its way into seeing it too.


@vandys @cisene @martin @dave I've used my timezone to write a sample "podcast:block" tag over here: github.com/Podcastindex-org/po

I think we can use existing service slugs for this. Please roast the idea and make it work better for you.

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