Slightly more people might care about this: Podnews's RSS feed now contains the <podcast:locked> and <podcast:transcript> tag. Thank you @tomrossi7

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@jamescridland @tomrossi7 Just added a bunch of phase 1 tags to the PC20 feed so devs can start playing with them in their apps and give feedback on what works and what doesn't.

The new <podcast:images> tag with the srcset="" attribute is in there.

Also, the location tag is in there.

@dave @jamescridland @tomrossi7 I appreciate that you put this in the feed, but if it's not in the index result ( as in ) then it's a bit counter intuitive, because I would have to start parsing the RSS feeds again (where I *just* switched over to relying on the index).

So personally when we want to test out this stuff I'd LOVE to have it added to the index result as well if possible (finding a way to add it without a lot of work for you would of course be preferable)

@martin @jamescridland @tomrossi7 ah I thought you were still parsing the feed directly. My bad.

I’ll be adding the aggregation of them this week for sure. Probably start tonight.

Anyone else parsing the feeds directly in the app?

@dave @jamescridland @tomrossi7 I honestly don't see much reason to parse the feed directly anymore, since everything is aggregated to the index - which just shows how great of a job you're doing!

@dave @martin @jamescridland @tomrossi7

Not me. Do shout out when the tags start flowing through, because I will certainly use them.

@jamescridland Right now I'm parsing the RSS feed directly when people click an episode on Podfriend to search for the transcript (because it's not in the index) - The webplayer of Podfriend is being blocked for Podnews because of CORS though. Is that on purpose? - Also, the "HTML" version of the transcript is the only version Podfriend doesn't support right now, but I'll be happy to implement it as soon as I can test better with your feed.

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