Morning comment on Deezer App:
Deezer mobile app keeps its index for a very long time.
When @jamescridland updated the keys in opawg/podcast-rss-useragents 2 weeks ago, it created duplicated entries.
The analytics from this graph are weekly so duplicated should have disappeared by now (now they’re gone on Spotify for instance).
I even get (many) 404 from Deezer app on mp3 urls from before I moved that podcast to @Castopod months ago.

@benjaminbellamy @Castopod I see literally one Deezer call, and it's from the Deezer bot, "Deezer Podcasters/1.0" - I can only assume Deezer is caching my audio. Which is fine.

@benjaminbellamy @Castopod In fact, here is my official Deezer data. They reckon last week they sent me 5 listens over the last month. THE SERVERS ARE OVERHEATING!

@benjaminbellamy @Castopod And if interesting, here's my total traffic yesterday. The "Opera" ones are, I can only think, some form of bot - they're identical every single time. Very odd.

@benjaminbellamy @Castopod One thing I'd quite like to do is to switch the audio if there is no useragent set, to something asking people to get in touch. I wonder if they would?

@jamescridland @benjaminbellamy @Castopod

That's actually a brilliant idea.

Not sure how many people would do it though. On a side note, I find myself almost evolving some kind of "banner blindness" to ads in podcasts, so it would certainly have to not sound like an ad!


@martin @benjaminbellamy @Castopod I think for Podnews, it would be something listeners could do. But for almost any other podcast, it wouldn't be.

I could turn it on for one day and see what happens.

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