What’s the preferred way of authenticating in the podcast world? A new account+password for every service or “Sign In with X” shenanigans?

At this point I’m so fed up with password managers I want to take a stab at creating passwords 2.0 (nobody ever tried that before).

@codedmonkey I hate "sign in with X" because it puts my security eggs in one basket.

With how popular discrimination is these days, I wonder if signing in with Facebook would work if Facebook discriminates against you.

Also, I don't want businesses having potential access to what I have in Facebook, even if it's simply my other email addresses.

So I use LastPass to generate and manage a unique password for every login.


@theDanielJLewis @codedmonkey I use Bitwarden. Cheaper than LastPass (and can be self-hosted free, and has free version). Everything is open source. Works everywhere. Would recommend.

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