Great to see AntennaPod (a nice-looking podcast app for Android) working on supporting funding.

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@jamescridland AntennaPod is my choice, because it's open source and does the basics so well.

Really, a shining example of Free Software.

@agates @jamescridland

I love antennapod, but they are very privacy focused, this butts up hard against any hooks that might allow hosters to track downloads/listens. I'd be interested to see if and how they might implement the guid proposal.

@agates @jamescridland that is what I use for mobile, it will be great if they decide to support value as well, I know this discussion already started in their forum, but I guess the natural "price" of having such a big and democratic community is that changes take more time.

@agates I'd love AntennaPod to work on the actual player - to add skip-silence / smart-speed as well as voice boost. Those made PocketCasts work well for me.

@jamescridland @agates I have been using AntennaPod for a while and the do some really great things. My favorite is ability to work with local files.

@moonraker58 @jamescridland @agates Does anyone know if they use their own audio engine, or if they use the built-in Android player components?

@agates @dave @jamescridland that's interesting to me. What would be the advantages to using custom over delivered?

@moonraker58 @dave @jamescridland I think the idea is to support as many devices and formats as possible. Different players may work on different phones, use battery differently, etc etc.

In my experience, ExoPlayer is an extremely popular player on Android, however.

@jamescridland those are actually features I didn't use in PocketCasts, but the nice thing is those features don't get in the way

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