Idea: quickly write up how to discover a feedURL in PodcastIndex from an iTunesID. It's really simple to do, and may well save some podcast apps today. I wonder if I've the time/bandwidth to do that?


@steven This'll be in Podnews...

One way for third party apps to continue operating is to use PodcastIndex, which includes iTunesIDs. After getting an API key, the /byitunesid endpoint gives you all the info you need.

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@jamescridland @steven Oh lord. I hope we don't get destroyed with traffic. I wasn't prepared to save the world today. 😟

@adam @dave @jamescridland @steven Dave we can help financially if we haven't banked enough yet. "The leader of the bandwidth is (maybe) tired and his eyes are growing old... But his API runs through my instrument, and his purpose is in our soul...

@Ben @adam @jamescridland @steven Thanks so much Ben. I think we're doing fine atm. Y'all gave us some much needed head room to respond to this type of thing. Engines are running nice and warm. No overheating yet. 😉

We're definitely seeing some new folks using the API (a dozen today) over the last 48 hours, and they are all being great citizens so far. Steady, responsible traffic. Nothing we can't handle.

@Ben @dave @jamescridland @steven Ditto what Dave said Ben. Thank you for being so supportive. We will ring the alarm bells.well before needed. TYFYC!

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