The Podnews RSS feed now supports alternateEnclosure.

Of note:
1. The alternateEnclosure default is set to the AAC file. This differs from the standard enclosure, which points to the MP3 file
2. There's an MP3 file there too, and...
3. There's an Opus file at 32kbps.

The Opus file only appears from June 8, but will be an automatic enclosure from now on.

Good luck everyone!

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@jamescridland Great stuff James. Thanks for jumping in with good testing material.

@jamescridland james, the default is only needed if it's the same as the enclosure. So if you have the enclosure mp3 in an alternateEnclosure for some reason, it would be "default"

@agates @jamescridland @dave I didn't look at the docs before writing this, so maybe it's already there, but I'm wondering if what James means by "default" would instead be "preferred". This would indicate to the app that this alternate enclosure is the podcaster's preferred method of delivering media.

@StevenB @jamescridland @dave

Right, in this case, "default" is intended to provide extensions to the default enclosure. The attached image is what it should look like -- what this does for example is it provides a way to tell the application what the bitrate is for the main MP3 file, but he could add IPFS or something to it in the future.

IMO it's up to the application what to prefer to play, and figure out what's best based on supported encodings and user's bandwidth settings.

@StevenB @jamescridland @dave

Overall this is fantastic however, looking forward to see the Opus format used on PodLP :)

@agates @StevenB @dave Aha, that wasn't clear. I've switched it to be as you've shown here. I'd prefer you to use the AAC version - I give that to some apps, but not all of them.

@jamescridland @dave Is there a way we could make it more clear? Or is it one of those things people have to get used to?

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