@martin I kicked it. podland.news now works. It's a Captivate site.

@dave - indeed! podnews.net/podcast/1542481043 links to it. Delighted to see that Podcast Index had it before Apple did; and that somehow it married up correctly when it appeared on Apple.

@dave @phoneboy Google supports iTunes tags. And they also support 301 redirects (which is the right way of doing it anyway).

However, Google Podcasts Manager takes about 7 days to do anything. One of the perils of needing to integrate in Google Search, I suspect. It's a pretty awful tool, and it's a bit annoying.

I have had support emails back from them though - surprisingly!

@martin @Castopod @benjaminbellamy "If someone listens to Podnews on Podfriend. Then what's the natural split?" - I'd like to suggest that this is moved to Github for a proper discussion here. github.com/Podcastindex-org/po

@benjaminbellamy @martin @Castopod Randomization is a really, really bad crappy idea. Astonishing that someone would have come up with that, much less put it in a damn spec. *shakes head* Sigh.

@Ian @LDMartin1959 I am completely confused as to where the podcast:location spec has suddenly swerved to, I'll be honest.

But - "locality" is intended to be a humanly-readable location *only*. Valid values are: "Houses of Parliament" or "North Michigan", or "Chicago".

You get a point from lat/lon, and ideally a programmatic place or area name from the OSM ID.

@martin it's sold out until mid 2021, so "not enough" seems one good answer.

(Or "Podnews has a good salesperson" is another one!)

It's over $2,000/month.

@benjaminbellamy @dave @adam @danbenjamin WebSub - it's up to podcasters to choose a WebSub hub, whichever they choose. Most choose Google's because it's free and scales. Podnews has both a Google one and one from SuperFeedr. It's relatively simple to run your own.

@Castopod My apologies if that meant more work. I believe you're the only person who has those in production (other than me).

@martin It changes every month. The sponsor is credited at the top of every edition (of the newsletter). They get a name credit in the email 'from' line. I'm not planning to make that a full sponsor credit!

New sponsor from Dec 1.

@Castopod I put the tag onto Podnews, and so far have earnt $0.18 which is quite good. Kangaroo dollars, but still.

@dave @csb

Podnews (Hosting) - i.e. my own podcast - supports 'locked' and 'transcript'

Podnews (Directory) supports 'search' (and I hope will shortly support locked, transcript, funding and a bunch more.

@martin This is a new change with Apple Mail, and I think it's a bug. But I'll remove the brackets today and see what happens.

Switched the RSS useragent repo to use "domain-like identifiers", similar to Podcast Index, and also suggesting the ?_from data.

@theDanielJLewis @martin @adam @dave By the way - I might agree that reviews are useful. Ratings, though, can get in the sea. That's where a thumbs-up lives, or a 'clap', or a 'like'. Ratings are nonsense, and if 87% of people always vote 5/5, that rather underlines it.

@adam @dave Daisy Dog agrees somewhat, because she's a good dog.

But - places go in podcast:location; people go in podcast:people - that's the right way to achieve this, according to Daisy Dog, and can she have another biscuit now?

@csb OK. I've got pribably about half of them. :)

That list appears to think that Podnews or Buzzsprout are apps: I wonder if it's worth splitting. (Podnews supports some things as a podcast host; but will support others in our podcast pages).

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