Exciting low-speed hot pursuit of an asleep Amish riding a horse and buggy ends with a police car wreckage

✨TONIGHT✨ the one and only @jennifer joins @SirSpencer and I in the Bowl for Bowls With Buds, the irregularly scheduled #BowlAfterBowl guest show!

We'll be✨LIVE & LIT✨ at 7 PM Central.

Call and leave a voicemail.
You know you want to. 😘

(816) 607-3663

Livestream: bowlafterbowl.stream

Chat: kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.zer

Give Value for Value received: bowlafterbowl.com/donate/

Buy the dip, fill your wallets, and send

Give pity unto wasted Creation,
Roots too weak to grasp the soil,
fevered wheeze of dying dream,
seeking refuge in spidered catacombs,
never unwatered plants may grow.

A thousand worlds unrealized,
mark kindling of unwritten page,
ink concealed within the ashes
in the recesses of fading memory,
excavated by a brighter light than I.

Decrepit spirit of smoke and mirrors,
The weight of chains too great,
haunted by business long unfinished,
The torment of eternal silence
for a voice in want of song.

Bitcoin is the ultimate monetary good due to it being perfectly scarce with no insiders.

All Bitcoin was acquired at 1 of 2 market prices:

1. $/BTC
2. watts/BTC

me in 2017: windows runs too slow on my laptop, i wonder what this linux thing is about

me now: fuck corporations! technology should be free and open to all! down with proprietary software!

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