Tired of wondering if your Boostagram went through?

Wonder no more.

Transaction history is now available in your CurioCaster wallet settings.



I am guessing the answer is "no," but is there a place I can view the boosts I've done via the app? I think my last few have worked, but I feel like my balance is higher than it should be (nice problem to have for now).

I'm sure that would be a big headache for you to have to manage for every wallet, but thought I would ask if it exists anyway(z). :)

@StevenB Probably a dumb question, but I'm going to ask anyway. . .

Turns out Dave was not wrong about my not understanding this crypto stuff.

I am trying to load my CurioCaster wallet using the invoice generated in the app. When I try to send from LNPay, I get the oddest error message: "Unable to pay LN Invoice: self-payments not allowed"

Any ideas? What am I doing wrong? I imagine it is definitely PEBCAK. :)

@adam @dave

Oh and he is a NA producer (very close to Knighthood) that I did meet at a meetup.


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Soowah @adam and @dave , as much as I want to take full credit for the new ideas, waaaay more credit has to go to the (brilliant) boyfriend.

My real contribution was as cheerleader and helping flush them out knowing what I know about the PC 2.0 apps and namespace and then typing them out in my very long, (crazy) scenarios.

He's an app developer so I have been trying to get him involved for a while and your praise might just bring him to the table. LGY! :)

⚡️ This was a productive day for podcasting and value sending using Satoshis.Stream! ⚡️

1) Invoices are now handled instantly
2) Message parsing and output in /export
3) Sending messages to Telegram channels of your podcast (use /messagesub)
4) Allow for posting donations to Discord

Support channel (t.me/joinchat/fXmTB7f1e-EyMmRk)

Now we want:
* More apps to support adding messages to boosts
* For streamers: a web app to receive webhooks and displaying on a page to stream embedding

@agates Not sure if you're having issues receiving your share from ANA V4V but my Sphinx app is borked and I created a podcaster wallet on LNPay today to mitigate.

I am pretty sure you manually entered my Sphinx node originally somewhere in NATube? Or am I misremembering?

Or do I reach out to Dave to change it in the index?

@dave Sorry to bug you with this, but is there a Sphinx contact here? The app is borked on my iPad (my only iOS device) and I don't get any channel messages or transactions for last 3 days. I tried using the support channel, but since the app isn't working, I have no idea if they replied.

Hey guys - I don't just do silly jingles for the PC 2.0 show (going open source is so HOT *wink*), I also do Animated No Agenda which can be viewed on 2 of my favorite PC 2.0 compatible apps, Podfriend and CurioCaster.

Just wanted to drop another THANK YOU to this wonderful project. Every time I receive sats for ANA, I really feel the love. :)

@martin @StevenB

A new ANA at long last - I think I miss doing them more than anyone misses viewing them. :) But if you were wondering what happened, I'm not dead (yet). Just had a major milestone to meet with the day job which I accomplished today.

Yeah, y'all should definitely blame my work sched and NOT the new boyfriend. Yep. For sure. ;)

TYFYC! xoxo



THANK YOU Podcasting 2.0!

"Here's your cue to BOOST. You know you want to." ;)

I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning every time I publish an Animated No Agenda and wake up to more sats in my account.

Thank you @agates and @martin for making it possible! 😊

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