@dave Sorry to bug you with this, but is there a Sphinx contact here? The app is borked on my iPad (my only iOS device) and I don't get any channel messages or transactions for last 3 days. I tried using the support channel, but since the app isn't working, I have no idea if they replied.

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@jennifer @dave You could email them. I’ve done that before when I had issues.

@jennifer @dave We need to move you to LNPay. Can you sign up and create a podcast wallet at ? We need to change your value block to that.

@adam @jennifer Is your value block currently pointing to your Sphinx node?

@dave @adam

Yep my value block is pointing to my Sphinx node. Seems borked. I get alerted to messages and sats in iOS notifications, but the app itself hasn't updated in a few days.

I will email their support in the meantime too since using the support channel was fruitless.

I'll get setup with LNPay later today. Sphinx was just so easy to get started and I liked the "tribe" aspect, but it seems "problematic. " ;)

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