Soowah @adam and @dave , as much as I want to take full credit for the new ideas, waaaay more credit has to go to the (brilliant) boyfriend.

My real contribution was as cheerleader and helping flush them out knowing what I know about the PC 2.0 apps and namespace and then typing them out in my very long, (crazy) scenarios.

He's an app developer so I have been trying to get him involved for a while and your praise might just bring him to the table. LGY! :)

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@adam @dave

Oh and he is a NA producer (very close to Knighthood) that I did meet at a meetup.


@jennifer @adam Jeez, he’s an app developer also? Can I date him too? 😊

@dave @adam Hahaha! I left out serial entrepreneur and outstanding cook. . .but then he verges on sounding made up. ;)

@jennifer @adam Yeah, I’m getting suspicious of this now. Have I mentioned my brother, the owner of Tesla? 😂

@dave @adam 🤣 My current theory is that I've hacked the matrix and built him from my junior-high-age journal entries about cool boyfriend attributes.

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