@StevenB Probably a dumb question, but I'm going to ask anyway. . .

Turns out Dave was not wrong about my not understanding this crypto stuff.

I am trying to load my CurioCaster wallet using the invoice generated in the app. When I try to send from LNPay, I get the oddest error message: "Unable to pay LN Invoice: self-payments not allowed"

Any ideas? What am I doing wrong? I imagine it is definitely PEBCAK. :)

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@jennifer I'm wondering if it's because we're both using LNPay, so it sees it as paying itself. I'll have to ask TimK.

@jennifer @StevenB You can’t pay your own node. Lnpay is one giant Lightning node with a lot of virtual wallets placed on top. So if you’re paying from one Lnpay wallet to a different Lnpay wallet you would get that message if the routing hint is missing. It’ll be interesting to see if Tim has a workaround.

@dave @StevenB

Ah - I will stay tuned. I still have a stash of sats in sphinx. Maybe I can fund from there. Will try later today.

@jennifer @dave @StevenB I was unable to move sats out of Sphinx by invoice but an unhealthy amount of self boosting later.... 😎

@jennifer @dave Tim from LNPay said he got it fixed. May want to give it another shot.

@StevenB @dave

It works! YAY!

Now my only frustration is that I can only transfer 500 sats at a time, but that's not a big deal. :)

@jennifer @dave Might want to reach out to TimK on the LNPay telegram to see if he can raise your limit. He's limited new users to 500sats for some reason.

@jennifer @StevenB You can ping Tim in the telegram channel to raise the limit. It's just an anti-abuse thing for "new" wallets.


Will do - thanks. I didn't even know there was a telegram channel. ;)


@dave wow, that’s very bad. I’m building V4V support on Castamatic by leveraging LnPay APIs, but this means there will be no way to stream to any podcaster having their wallet on LnPay. I really hope for some workaround.

@francosolerio Keysend works so streaming payments is fine. It’s the invoice payments that are denied. But I think Tim is working on that. No worries.

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