oooh - yes, please send. I will sign an NDA if needed ;)

Will your Podcast Movement slide deck be made public @dave after your breakout?

I think it would be helpful to me RE: some ideas I have for communicating info for the hack-a-thon. We can chat through it during the board meeting. . .this is primarily to remind me to bring it up. :)


I have and that is great too. . .but there is something very special about the clamato. I think I associate it with a trip I took to Newport RI.

@ChadF @dave

That can't be true. . .really?

But if so, I expect a badge. Or trophy. ;)

I was once a trophy wife, but a PC 2.0 trophy would be much more fun.


Clamato makes the most incredible bloody Mary. For realz. But that is the only way to drink it. Without vodka, it's horrible. Funny how vodka and tabasco + all the other bloody accoutrements can justify its existence.

@Todd_Blubrry @StevenB @adam @dave

Split philosophy aside, I was just glad to see it in my history. It's a good step in transparency that I appreciate. CC is my favorite method of promoting ANA on PC 2.0 since it supports video and sharing so well.

(Unrelated, but I also like that my boost note was included. . .esp for those times I do an adult-beverage-induced boost and might need help remembering what I sent. ;) )

I -really- like what @StevenB is showing here in CurioCaster's boost history page and the split that goes to the podcaster. Just noticed it. Sorry if I am late to the party ;) Super helpful!

cc: @adam @dave


I don't remember who posted that message. . .it was on NASocial and I just happened to see it. Nothing was amiss with my channel so I didn't register it.

THANK YOU for all you are doing for NATube!

I have a new ANA in the works for this week (finally). Looking forward to my "upgraded experience." ;)

@mitch @ChadF

Yikes - I did not (wouldn't know how tbh). I did log into my NATube account this morning though.

I saw a message from a different NATube user that their channel was suddenly missing a lot of videos, so I logged in to see if I still had all of mine. They were all there, so I didn't take any action besides logging in.

May be pure coincidence, but that is the only thing I personally did.


Hi - sorry I don't get notified of PCISocial mentions on my phone any more. . .will investigate the beeps and boops.

It's been a while since ANA started working in the apps that support video, but I believe @dave did something magical in the index for me once I sent him the RSS link to my NATube channel.

That may not be necessary any more as I know Alecks has been doing a lot with NATube. Sorry I am not much help.


@brianoflondon This is soooooo exciting. Going to try on my iPad tout de suite!


HUZZAH! You're the best! Looking forward to trying it out.

Tired of wondering if your Boostagram went through?

Wonder no more.

Transaction history is now available in your CurioCaster wallet settings.



I am guessing the answer is "no," but is there a place I can view the boosts I've done via the app? I think my last few have worked, but I feel like my balance is higher than it should be (nice problem to have for now).

I'm sure that would be a big headache for you to have to manage for every wallet, but thought I would ask if it exists anyway(z). :)

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