Earning as a host? Podcasting 2.0 is enabling a decentralized, self-sustaining ecosystem for content creators. I show you how to set up your feed with @RaspiBlitz node and @sphinx_chat
@adam @dave @Castopod @419monk @brianoflondon @fribbledom youtu.be/YdLPo94B-sg

@anita On my watch soon list. Thanks any help with this is good stuff.

@joemoraca thank you. Feel free to contact me, if you have questions. After setting it up, join my podcast tribe ;-)

@anita @sphinx_chat @dave Hi, I have my Raspiblitz setup and funded with bitcoin. I installed android app and "think" I connected it by QR code and "think" I have port forwarding setup for internal network - but how to I "fund" sphnix chat? I click on item in app and it only shows Cash App option. I don't know what channel / peer stuff to connect with from my node?

@anita @sphinx_chat @dave do I need to turn on "channel autopilot" in settings? that seemed scary

@joemoraca @anita @sphinx_chat Autopilot is usually a good thing. It helps open and close channels for you automatically. It won't prevent you from opening your own as well.

@joemoraca @anita @sphinx_chat An easy way to fund your sphinx node is to just generate an invoice within sphinx and pay it from your Raspiblitz wallet if that's where your funds are held.

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