I've heard back from Pocket Casts after annoying them for long enough:
The Podcasting 2.0 namespace is "on their radar". So we might see some adoption in… a few years or so.

Has anyone heard about the "LOUD Feed Format"?

Yet another new standard on its way?

My search for a new podcast listening setup (Android app ⇄ web interface or Win10 desktop client / with full sync and chapters support) has led me to the conclusion that there are no nice Windows solutions (yet).

I'm glad Podfriend and Podverse are improving. They might soon fill that gap. Can't wait to ditch Pocket Casts.

Podlove Podcast Publisher v.3.6.0 adds support for the <podcast:soundbite> RSS feed tag.


Are people around here who have switched from iOS to Android?

I'm about to make the switch and sell my iOS devices. How will I be able to log into Apple Podcasts Connect without having a device to receive my 2FA code?

Bug or not: HTML shownotes are back in Apple Podcasts. 🙌

iOS 14.6 is out and things around Apple Podcasts didn't get much better.
The change to 14.5 did – once again – spark some confusion about what different descriptive tags are (or were) used for (subtitle, description, summary, HTML where?).
Shouldn't we step in and define/preserve/improve those tags? @jamescridland has done some work already that could be of use: podnews.net/article/html-episo

I feel like the podcasting community could use some clarity and guidance here.

With version 3.4.0 the Podlove Publisher Plugin now supports the transcript and person tags. Thanks to @ericteubert.

@dave The Podlove Podcast Publisher plugin for WordPress (basically generates RSS feeds) has implemented the funding tag with version 3.3.0. wordpress.org/plugins/podlove- Can you add them to the apps page of the Podcastindex website?

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