Bug or not: HTML shownotes are back in Apple Podcasts. 🙌

iOS 14.6 is out and things around Apple Podcasts didn't get much better.
The change to 14.5 did – once again – spark some confusion about what different descriptive tags are (or were) used for (subtitle, description, summary, HTML where?).
Shouldn't we step in and define/preserve/improve those tags? @jamescridland has done some work already that could be of use: podnews.net/article/html-episo

I feel like the podcasting community could use some clarity and guidance here.

With version 3.4.0 the Podlove Publisher Plugin now supports the transcript and person tags. Thanks to @ericteubert.

@dave The Podlove Podcast Publisher plugin for WordPress (basically generates RSS feeds) has implemented the funding tag with version 3.3.0. wordpress.org/plugins/podlove- Can you add them to the apps page of the Podcastindex website?

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