@jamescridland @steven @dave Thanks all! These are helpful, found over 20 additional buzzsprout feeds with channel-level location tags as well.

Still haven't found a feed with an item-level location tag. Who will be the first ever?

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@js @jamescridland @steven @dave currently Buzzsprout only provides location tags at the podcast level.

@chidgey Thanks I see the item-level location tags in your feed, I'm going to consider you the first. 🥇

I'll look into why I was not watching your feed on my side - perhaps since it does not implement WebSub [1], have you ever considered it? You already have the atom self link in your feed, just need to add a hub and ping it when you publish/update.


@js It’s been on the list for ages. I’ll get to it someday.
@js Further to that, because I publish using GoHugo, I’d just use an existing one of my RSS feed scrapers (for posting to Pleroma and Twitter) and also trigger a post to a WebSubHub. I do wonder how much of a niche thing it is though. You’re the first person to ever mention it to me.

@chidgey Looks like Google's appspot webhub hub is already checking your feed, are you sure you do not ping it already?

Found using your feed as the "Topic URL" for diagnostics here [1].

Next time you update your feed template with Hugo, add the rel="hub" line [2] below your rel="self" line, and let me know - I'll subscribe and see if I get notified next time you update.


[2] <atom:link rel="hub" href="" />

@js Added and tested. Next episode of Causality in the next two weeks or so.
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