"Podcast Namespaces in RSS – Explained", new episode in the podcast "Podcast Help Desk" podcast by @mgdell

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@Lehmancreations @js I'm sure I did :) It was an overview for people that have no idea what namespaces are. Want to come on the show to explain it more? :)

@mgdell no worries. It is had to keep up with all that’s going on. No faults there it was good to hear you explain it. You did great.

@Lehmancreations @mgdell I would like to here Andy on the show though. He's a good podcaster. Good voice.

@dave @mgdell you are too kind. I’ve been podcasting since about 2007. (On and off) and have been using powerpress the whole time :)

@Lehmancreations @dave Andy, Shoot me an email (I believe we were chatting via email before too ) and we can setup a time to chat. That would be fun.

@Lehmancreations @dave Andy, our hot namespace talk was mentioned on Podcast Insider today and will be in Podcast Helpdesk which I will release tomorrow. Thanks again!

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