“As you browse websites, Chrome will show a “Follow” button when you open the overflow menu (from the top-right corner).

It appears at the very bottom and includes the site’s favicon and name.

Once subscribed, new content from those publishers will appear in the New Tab page as part of a “Following” tab that makes use of cards with cover images, headlines, and shows when something was published.”

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@js Hmm. So they’re sherlocking RSS readers again.

@dave @js Looks like a poor RSS reader, but it might get people understanding the benefits once more. Ideally it would interface with Google Podcasts to automatically add audio in there.

Disappointing that tech reaction is "FUCK OFF GOOGLE" - Dave Winer has said as much as well - but I guess proper tech people don't want things going mainstream.

@jamescridland @dave @js hoooraaay.... We'll be fielding inane RSS feed and reader questions from all over the world again... Aaahh the things we do for love...

@dave @jamescridland @js "Ideally it would interface with Google Podcasts to automatically add audio in there." That is a GREAT idea!

@jamescridland @dave Yea, I like this development. Still very early - not rolled out to stable chrome yet.

I hope they find a way to make the "follow" button more visible, not sure buried inside the overflow menu is discoverable enough for most users.

Whenever I use Android, I end up using that left-swipe-from-home card thing more often that I would have thought. This is a way to directly influence which sites appear there, which seems useful.

@js wow, i wonder if that ever existed... 🤔🤔 RSS anyone?

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