I continue to be extremely grateful to @js for https://validator.livewire.io/ so I can validate my RSS Tags. Today I’m polishing the Podcast:Social Tag since the attributes were changed days after I initially implemented it. #ProgammersSunday

@chidgey Glad you find it useful even though the site is in a very early state.

At least everything in the official podcast namespace doc is included as a rule.

Btw as of v0.4.1 you should be able to reply to ActivityPub comments hosted on a mastodon/pleroma server...

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@js @chidgey I didn't know you did that John. I may have missed a post from you about it. Nice!

@dave @chidgey Just a proof of concept really, nothing to announce widely yet. You'll need an account on the server specified by the podcaster for this flow.

After looking in AP for the last few weeks, I think most apps will want to host their own service to federate comments out (i.e. server-to-server AP), kicking the tires on that now...

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