The #opensource #podcast hosting solution Castopod v1.0 beta is out! 🚀 🎉
This new version brings tons of new features and a redesigned UI! 🔽

✨ New look and feel for admin and podcast pages
🎨 6 Color themes to customize your podcast
📽️ Video Clips to share on any social media
📥 PWA: install your podcast as a full fledged app

…all previously released features, including: Fediverse 💬, multi-tenant/multi-podcast/multi-user 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, podcast import ⏬, publish everywhere 📢, built-in analytics 📈, widget 💻️, monetization 💸, transcripts 📜, location 📍, persons 👩‍🎤, …and many more!

@Castopod Congratulations! Can you point me to a server running v1.0 or higher when you get a chance? I want to test something

@js @Castopod Ours is running the new version. I can create a dummy podcast for you to test against if it would help.


@dave @Castopod Looks like one just came in over the transom.

item-level location, nice!

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@js @Castopod That’s a sandbox podcast just for you John. Me reading Wikipedia entries. Lol. Hope it helps.

Man, the new Castopod is really nice. Love the baked in AP. Stellar job @benjaminbellamy and @yassinedoghri.

The rough edges of the alpha are all gone.

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