@dave a few questions and requirements about helipad polling of boosts:


- on initial loading what do we show? A certain amount of the latest boosts?
- from then we poll every second or so?


- This will need certain calls to the db that allow to display all unread boost messages
- On inital load we can display a certain amount of unread boosts oldes to newest
- on scroll I need to be able to show more newer unread boosts

@dave how can I best integrate with helipad? Is there anything I can install locally? Something I could simulate?

I can export my Next.js project as static sites that can be hosted on any http server and then do the calls to your endpoints.

Or we can run a Node.js server which allows for some optimization but probably makes everything more complicated.

So static site it is I would say.

@dave Hi Dave I made a little more progress but not as much as I wanted to because of a family emergency.

See here: helipad-ui.vercel.app/

I still need to implement some behavior and a few refinements from my point of view.

If you or anybody else have feedback the best place for it would probably be Github: github.com/kahlil/helipad-ui

@dave can I help with the UI work? I‘ve been building UIs for 12 years… now leading UI building teams…

Hey, any thoughts on getumbrel.com for setting up your own full node and Lightning wallet?

Haven't heard Adam talk about this on the podcast yet but looks super simple and clean af.

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