@dave Hi Dave I made a little more progress but not as much as I wanted to because of a family emergency.

See here:

I still need to implement some behavior and a few refinements from my point of view.

If you or anybody else have feedback the best place for it would probably be Github:

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@kahlil Oh, that's really beautiful. The left-hand side is just a real time stream and hte right hand side keeps them until you mark read so you don't miss anything?

@dave yes and the right hand only shows boosts with messages

@dave would you prefer to show all boosts in the Inbox? With and without messages?

@kahlil @dave All really beautiful for real-time monitoring!
What I desperately need for show production is an 'Export to CSV' so I can easily do all the sorting for read-out.

@adam @dave that should be easily done.

My vision for the Inbox though was not about real-time management but to have a view that you can use to read off the Boostagrams for the show.

Order, filter Boostagrams so you can read them on the show. And use it for prep.

Would that be of interest? Or is the CSV the non-plus-ultra? Happy to riff on ideas.

@kahlil @adam Kahlil, I can give an endpoint for CSV dump within helipad. No worries for you to implement.

@kahlil @dave Yes, a show tool!

CSV so I can start using it next week

@kahlil 10-4. Looking really good. After your refinements I'll start wiring it up.

@kahlil Just means "Message received." It's slang from "CB" radio in the U.S. I believe.

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