@dave How often does the index update RSS feeds?

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@kevinb66 It depends. For websub enabled feeds it's immediate. For all others it's based on how frequently the podcast publishes new episodes. So, podcasts that publish daily get checked much more often than if they only publish once a month. I can give you more details if you have more specific questions.

@dave Just curious. In experimenting I screwed things up. I expect things to clear up when the index checks my feed again. Thanks!

@dave Yes. But I'm not anywhere near a developer. I obtained one so I could add my feed. I'm way better than @adam at breaking everything.

@kevinb66 @adam No worries. You can ping this endpoint in your browser to update your feed immediately:<feedid>&update

Where <feedid> is the id number of your podcast.

@dave @adam I did this and it returned

{"status":"true","description":"Feed marked for immediate update."}

but the index hasn't updated my feed.

The 301 redirect works in the browser when I input the old feed address. The new feed also works when I input it manually into a podcast app.

I'm sure there is something small I'm not doing that isn't fixing my problem. Any ideas?

@kevinb66 @adam What are you specifically expecting to change? If you can give me more detail I can speak to it better.

@dave @adam My feedID is 1370696 Using Castopod my feed was at

I moved to Blubrry's PowerPress plugin which creates the feed at

The 301 redirect code in my .htaccess file is simply "Redirect 301 <old feed URL> <new feed URL>

This is all on an apache server hosted at Dreamhost.

@kevinb66 @adam The index should pick up a 301 on it's on without being prompted. I just checked and it shows the new url as the current one in the index.

But, when I look at the source of that feed it shows this:

@dave @adam Seems I had things mixed up between my domain name and my subdomain. I fixed it now.

I live to be true to my podcast's name.


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