I just experienced the excitement of receiving 2,500 sats from my podcast!

There needs to be some kind of jingle or sound for a sat cherry getting popped.

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@kevinb66 Hahahahaha!/its OK, we can see that 'sheen' on your face that it happened. Congrats!

@kevinb66 What's your podcast mate? I'll give her a listen as well.


Here you go.

Brutally harsh criticisms are encouraged.

@kevinb66 Sent you a boostagram but I'll write what I said here as well. Hey Kevin. I get super bored with news/covid so I didn't listen to too much of this one. Your other two shows were cool though and I might tune into your podcasting test show a bit more as I'm thinking of starting up a new one to take advantage of all the 2.0 features. GO PODCASTING!

@Meremortals I'm glad you repeated the message here. I didn't receive the boostagram. I went off into the blackhole of the Internet!


@kevinb66 No worries my friend! Intend to do that until I'm certain they're going through 😅

@Meremortals Thanks for the sats too! When you start yours up I'll return the favor.

@kevinb66 My pleasure Kevin. I have it setup for the Mere Mortals podcast if you felt like checking out that but yeah trying to move forward quickly with the new one to try out all the new 2.0 tags!

@kevinb66 Just got your message!!!! So cool thank you so much. Just sending sats back and forth hahahaha. Really appreciate that mate. Yeah we're in Australia and do it outside so we get the natural ambience. Much luck in return. GO PODCASTING

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