Every time I check back into podcastindex.social I discover how quickly it's moving and where I'm at.

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Watch, or listen, to @adam being interviewed by Alison Morrow on youtube.

Enjoy the day everyone!

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Tired of wondering if your Boostagram went through?

Wonder no more.

Transaction history is now available in your CurioCaster wallet settings.


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Today's Podnews contains the first ever "BOOSTAGRAM CORNER".

"...if your podcast app has a boost button, hit it now: and if it doesn't, get a better one at newpodcastapps.com "


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@jamescridland @martin @adam @brianoflondon

I don't think there is a fundamental disagreement regarding ads, openness, and a free and open index.

I do have a visceral reaction every time you refer to people as nutcases, freaks, and crazies. Who decides who is a nutcase, a freak, or a crazy?

My reaction is a direct result of being an American that is almost 55 years old. I remember when we were more free.

@jamescridland @martin @adam @brianoflondon

I'm not anti-ads. Ads have their place. Pursuit of ad revenue though has a tendency to homogenize content. I don't want that as a consumer of the medium.

I guess it's my American perspective that believes labeling some as "nutcases" is as equally unproductive as being anti-ad.

There have been a lot of credentialed people over the last 1.5 years labeled nutcases, cancelled, and de-platformed. Cancelling is real and shouldn't be ignored as a problem.

@phoneboy They don't seem to be using it now. I had a YouTube video taken down. I muted the offending audio but kept my transcript. The video is still up!

@martin @adam @jamescridland @brianoflondon

I realize that. But, I think the contrast in the focus between Adam and James are two different directions.

Adam's might take longer for adoption but keep the ecosystem more robust and open.

Jame's might make adoption quicker but come at the expense of independence.

Focus on ads may create consolidation to control the money and that will be a negative for the namespace.

Money will then drive the tech rather than the tech driving the money.

@adam @martin @jamescridland @brianoflondon

I'm a normal person. I watch this space and experiment on my own as an enthusiast of Podcasting.

All advertising isn't evil and it's fine to use namespace features to enhance advertising.

But, better advertising cannot be the goal. It will poison the well for independent podcasters. The fringe independent podcasters is what makes this medium robust. Legacy media is boring because of ads.

Podcasting should be for all not just the ad friendly.

@Meremortals Thanks for the sats too! When you start yours up I'll return the favor.

@Meremortals I'm glad you repeated the message here. I didn't receive the boostagram. I went off into the blackhole of the Internet!



Here you go. thatsalligot.com

Brutally harsh criticisms are encouraged.

I just experienced the excitement of receiving 2,500 sats from my podcast!

There needs to be some kind of jingle or sound for a sat cherry getting popped.

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First cross-app comment loaded in Podfriend, Wohoooo!

Thanks a lot to @yassinedoghri and @benjaminbellamy for their pioneering work on the host side!

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Castopod v1.0.0-alpha.67 is out! 🚀
Minor correction: allow cross origin requests on episode comments 🔀

@Todd_Blubrry @Lehmancreations I just re-read what I said. Hahahaha. I sound like a big jerk!!

Apologies @Todd_Blubrry. I didn't mean to be a giant dick-head.

@Lehmancreations chasingtheyield.com I blog and podcast to help me follow news and think through my investments.

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