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New version of Podfriend out!

I wanted to release this before the dive into the value tag!

New stuff:
Sync of favorite podcast across platforms.

Space to start/stop podcast

Reset password option

And a few more smaller things

The sync is a bit wonky, because it preserves if you already had favorites locally (I didn't want to risk deleting anything) but it's still probably better than nothing! Later on, listen status and progress in episodes will be added.

Let me know if you hit any bugs!

@dave Is there a way to edit a feed in the index? Or do I just have to submit a new one and the old RSS feed will live on in perpetuity?

In experimenting with different publishing platforms I may want to switch and the feed produced by one cannot be made compatible with the other.

@Castopod I think when publishing an episode Castopod uses the timezone for the webhost I'm using. If I set the published time back 8 hours my episode updates the RSS immediately. If I leave it the current time it does not. Is there a way to include a timezone offset in the Podcast settings like Wordpress?

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Happy 20th birthday, podcasting. The first podcast feed was made today, Jan 20, 2001. The history of the medium is over here (which I'm publishing later in Podnews).

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@Castopod When publishing a podcast everything goes to a single folder. Is it possible to have each episode save to its own folder?

@Castopod There seems to be a lag between when a podcast is published and when Castopod writes to the RSS feed. Is there a way to adjust how long that takes? I can see the podcast on my dashboard but it doesn't show up in the RSS for a while.

@martin Have you considered adding a playlist function to Podfriend? It would be great if I could add episodes to a playlist and have those play in succession.

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@adam @Johncdvorak This might be interesting for NA, but I wish the developer also used Twitter and Facebook data, since those platforms were used, too, to incite violence.

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Oh my god... Is that Podfriend in the Microsoft Store?

It is!

(I had to compile it a bit differently to get it accepted, so it lost it's round nice borders compared to if you download from the website - I hope to fix that in the future)

@castopod How do you delete a podcast? I can see how to edit it but I don't see how to delete it.

I really like what you have developed here. Thanks to @adam for showing me this.

@martin I found something odd in Podfriend. The podcast DH Unplugged plays in the Windows app but not in the web app on either Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The play button stays a spinning wheel.

It does play in the web app in Firefox though.

Just FYI. I'm loving the app!

Why is it so difficult to build an RSS feed? Am I missing something or is there nothing that makes it easy to create a custom RSS feed where I can add or omit tags from the podcast namespace.

I'm an extreme newbie to producing a podcast and I'm trying to learn by self-hosting. I can create the RSS feed on Wordpress through the Podlove plugin. But there is no way to customize.

If RSS is just an XML file why is this so hard to automate?

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Phew, new version of Podfriend out, now with the person search, and episode art for individual episodes (along with some bug fixes, and probably some new bugs to replace those).

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@adam you said something on the last episode of podasting 2.0 regarding an RSS builder. May I ask what that is and where is it?

@martin I started using Podfriend on the web and my phone. I created an account but find it doesn't sync between the two. Also when clicking on the share panel both on the web or on the phone the podcast automatically starts playing. Is there a way to stop that behavior? Thanks!

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Earning as a host? Podcasting 2.0 is enabling a decentralized, self-sustaining ecosystem for content creators. I show you how to set up your feed with @RaspiBlitz node and @sphinx_chat
@adam @dave @Castopod @419monk @brianoflondon @fribbledom

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@kevinb66 @dave @adam I’ve not worked with podlove but I made a plug-in to add the tags to w power press feed

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