Thanks so much to @adam and @dave for having me on Podcasting 2.0! They and the whole team of developers and supporters are what sparked my interest in podcasting again. It was such a blast. I was fanboying the whole time! Hope new folks will try my Intergalactic Boombox podcast sometime!

Unfortunately there won’t be a show today. I’ve had a medical emergency in my family this week and just can’t make it happen. I’m hoping all will be back to normal in the next few days and back on schedule next week. Sorry. Hate to ever miss an episode. 😢

Updated the Podverse feature list! Some notable features:

- Sync your subscriptions, queue, and history across all your devices
- Video playback
- Podcasting 2.0 chapters
- Cross-app comments
- Transcripts
- Create and share podcast clips

All Podverse software is provided under a free and license.

@adam @dave Merry Xmas to you and family, and to all the decks and members here. Thanks for blessing the world with this game changing tech!

@dave Just BOOSTed a Twitter tip your way. How did ya get set up to do that? Has Twitter unrolled this for everyone yet?

@jamescridland The Adam Curry mix of the Boostagram Corner intro is awesome. And additionally, I'd like to toss my own version your way. No Adam samples, just me (voice actor for the past 21 years with 13 in radio). Don't feel obligated to use, obviously. Was just feeling inspired the other day. Love Podnews and Podland!

-Kyle Hebert (pronounced ay-bear)
The Intergalactic Boom Box podcast

@jamescridland Hi James! I'm a huge fan of Podnews and Podland, and heard Adam and Dave on 2.0 doing your Boostagram Corner intro...I got inspired and recorded a quick thing for you to use if you wish. No offense if you don't use it. Thanks for your time and consideration, and keep doing what you're doing, because it's awesome!
I've attached it, and hope it shows up. I'm not used to sending media over Mastodon. Heheh.

Kyle Hebert (pronounced ay-bear)
The Intergalactic Boom Box podcast

@adam @dave Thanks so much for playing the Gits and Shiggles rap, and for considering it to be a project for NA Animated. If that happens, I wanted to let the artist know these characters are actual aliens. I have no clue what they look like and would love to see what someone comes up with. 🤓

@StevenB Hey there! Email me details for the DBZ shoutout and I'll do a nice mp3 clip.

-Kyle Hebert

@satoshisstream @dave you guys know where a podcaster can retrieve the messages sent with sat donations? I don't use my own node.

@dave saaaaay, where can I get a nice slick "Podcasting 2.0 certified" image to add to my podcast art on Buzzsprout (noticed Sir Gene has one) etc.?

@StevenB just loaded up wallet through Bluewallet. Transaction was instant. All boosts, tips, etc went through instantly. Tip jar breakdown is GREAT! is looking for a few brave souls willing to spends some sats testing streaming, tipping, and boosting out. The CurioCaster Wallet is now custodial, so should be much easier to connect to than the previous iteration. Please let me know any bugs, issues, or improvements you might have.

@dave @adam. Hey guys, is there an easy to understand guide on adding the 2.0 bells and whistles to a podcast? (Images, transcription, chapters etc). I've got my first show in the can, signed up for Buzzsprout, and anxious to launch. Patience and understanding is always sincerely appreciated by noobs like me.

@adam @dave. Hey guys, huge fan of the podcast. As a listener I want to throw sats your way via Sphinx. I've tried pasting and scanning the QR code in the Sphinx app and keep getting an error message, that I need an invite. Are the codes on the Tribes page not invites? Apologies for my noobieness.

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