ūüö® CASTING CALL - I am putting together an old time radio drama of "A Christmas Carol". I have the script and am looking for actors. I was hoping for the whole cast to be voices from the No Agenda community. Contact me at mail@meduspod.com or DM me here if you are interested. There are about 20 parts. @adam and @Johncdvorak have first dibs on parts if they are interested.

@Medus @adam @Johncdvorak ya know the voice actor here would wanna be involved. Is this going to be done as a group call or where everyone records on their own?

@kyle @adam @Johncdvorak We want to do it on cleanfeed for those available, but if we can't work out the scheduling, separate recordings will do, I'm pretty good at editing.


@Medus @adam @Johncdvorak Cooo! Well if you'd be open, I'd like in on this.

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