Thanks so much to @adam and @dave for having me on Podcasting 2.0! They and the whole team of developers and supporters are what sparked my interest in podcasting again. It was such a blast. I was fanboying the whole time! Hope new folks will try my Intergalactic Boombox podcast sometime!

@kyle @adam @dave Would love to hear more about your convention escapades! We’ve been discussing it as an option, but after hitting Crypticon having a table has to become reality now.

When we had Hunter Jackson (aka Techno Destructo of GWAR) on as a guest he spoke at length and very fondly of doing convention tours in the 90s, and how it was a great way to generate buzz about the band.

@kyle @adam @dave Kyle: I will spread the good word! :) I will come back to you regarding the offer of sending a Boombox sticker and reply on Twitter. How about 50,000 Satoshis for sending a sticker to Sweden?

@kyle @adam It was a blast Kyle. Really appreciate you taking the time to nerd with us. I need to up my sats game to IBB. Would love to see IBB way up in the Fountain charts.

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