If you are not a #bitcoin noderunner yet, it is time to start!
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Maybe you like to follow my fellow bitcoin Noderunners: @pietsah @GhostLimburg3rt @BdGBertdeGroot @artdesignbysf @BaksteenBob @shortnon_btc @einzie @ErikDutch3 @GrauweDakGans @alphahornet001 @KevinR4v @dabloem @Mrcrownnnnn @boogied767 @BitcoinBufo

@marnix @dave there's a clause that you will not allow access to podcast connect via third party access. So no scraping? Making a truly walled garden. Thank God for

Soooooo can I listen to Rogan on a podcast platform? Anyone have a link to a pirate feed maybe?

Podcast with people all over the world is really eye opening and will lead to less discrimination, more understanding and a more open people.

@adam asking John if he's familiar with wine. Briliant.

(I'm a bit behind on my queue)

Always very confused about the US date formatting on podcastindex episodes.

Maybe do YYYY-MM-DD so the whole world can use it @dave ?

We can discuss at length why I think MM/DD/YYYY is stupid 😉 , but YYYY-MM-DD works world wide in either case 😄

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