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Listened to the whole Podcast and found it to be very valuable. I will soon be creating content of my own and would like to learn more about website servers and Podcast hosting. Anita mentioned Wordpress and a plug-in called Podlove. Any suggestions?

Where/how do I reach Guy Swan? Keysend to his podcast node fail [ 02903d0e6f9625fdf6cb3030bb18bfffab8f38d35ae2c909d4fbcafb0917efe351 ]

@adam John's node doesn't work 02dd2824dec03aeecaefeb41099241c241c5e36c71a652d8010d27c636ad991ba2 . Keysends do not reach destination. Mempool is a bit too hot for me to be opening channels. FYI.

@dave any idea? Adding value block to anchor.fm/s/da403dc/podcast/rs , it says "I'm sorry. That email doesn't match the owner listed in the feed." . Should be hello@debitcoinshow.nl right??

Seeing a new node in the podcast feeds. Nice to see splits @adam !

Too bad mempool is busy; would open a new channel...

Happy to report ALL keysend destinations destinations in podcasters' feeds work!

@dave this you? 032f4ffbbafffbe51726ad3c164a3d0d37ec27bc67b29a159b0f49ae8ac21b8508

There was a bot here right? To add a new RSS to the podcastindex?

it would be good to be prepared for the moment that bitcoincore.org comes under attack, exploiting legal or other loopholes

it's not a matter of *if*, but *when*

it's a bit of a single point of failure which makes it an attractive target for people on a crusade against bitcoin

if you want to help, make mirrors (can we do something like "deterministic verifiable builds for websites"?), host the files, seed the torrents, show them what censorship resistance means

🌐 For the Bitcoiners out there, I started a new project: StoringBitcoin.info !

It helps you (and your friends) to find a strategy for storing your bitcoin!

Input welcome at github.com/storingbitcoin-info . Boosting appreciated 😍

@adam did you force close channels (again?)

My (03e691f81f08c56fa876cc4ef5c9e8b727bd682cf35605be25d48607a802526053) channel with you (03ae9f91a0cb8ff43840e3c322c4c61f019d8c1c3cea15a25cfc425ac605e61a4a) was just closed :(

Yo @debitcoinshow did you register on podcasterwallet.com/ yet? There are not many apps supporting the tag but you can better be ready. You just need a keysend enabled node 😉

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