My new podcast ep appeared on Breez within 3 minutes, how is that possible?

It's a github hosted RSS, last updated in January. No ping at all. Did people [before me] requesting the /episodes/ trigger a refresh?

How did it know to update the RSS/eps. Coincidence @dave?

I have quite a bit of requirements for podcast apps:

✅ Value-enabled streaming sats
✅ Playlist/queue
✅ Per episode value and speed settings
✅ PodcastIndex search
✅ Chapter support
✅ Auto download
✅ Works over Tor

Hope for a nice app which does it all this year 😍


Enter a dollar amount and it will tell you what amount of sat/min you need to sat your player at to stream that amount hourly.

New value enabled podcasts:
- On Hiatus
- Buidl Crypto
- The Lucas Skrobot Show
- Animated No Agenda
- Bible Prophecy Talk – Bible Prophecy Talk
- Join the Wasabikas - a Bitcoin Privacy Podcast
- The Techwipe Retrospective
Podcasts using Satoshis.Stream: 45 is useful for converting sats to eur. ⚡

I choose 2 eur and it tells me what sat/min I need to set my podcast player at to stream that hourly!

Wow! A very big list of new enabled podcasts! 🎉

A total of 9 podcasts now use ❤️

PhoneBoy Speaks
True Crime & Consequences
Which Carolina
Met Nerds om Tafel
Scorpio Season TV
The Grimerica Show
The Rogin Kim Cast
Reči o živote, vesmíre a vôbec
The Lock Sportscast
My Family Thinks I'm Crazy
Waste of Space
NotiSatoshi - Podcast de noticias semanales sobre Bitcoin en español
Option Plus Podcast with Juraj Bednar
Why Bitcoin?
Safety Investigations Podcast

@dave please assist. Podcasterwallet does not work for and email , even though those values are litereally in the feed? is helping to onboard podcasters to receive value4value streaming payments. Great way to learn how to set up your own podcasterwallet.

⚡️⚡️ ALL basic functionality works! ⚡️⚡️
Calling all podcasters: you can now receive podcasting2.0 value WITHOUT the need to have your own node!
✅ Receive podcasting2.0 payments
✅ List and export payments (csv)
✅ Withdraw sats!!

Let me know on github ( ) if there are problems!

New enabled podcasts of today ⚡ :

The "What is Money?" Show
Sit On It
Lightning Music Player
Directo Bitcoin 2140

New enabled podcasts of today [!]:

Canary Cry News Talk
On The Brink with Castle Island
Satoshi Radio 🇳🇱
Fiddly Dicking
Toca do Bitcoin
Tactical Faith Podcast
The Squirrel Report
Bitcoin Rapid-Fire
Freedomain with Stefan Molyneux
Sir Gene Speaks

⚡ 💯

@dave can I force a crawl/ let podcastindex know there is an update?

New enabled podcasts!! Seems Breez triggered something!

Up is Down Podcast
The Rogin Kom Cast
Bitcoin Rehab

@marnix Over $350 in value streamed to podcasters over this network so far today.

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