@dave it says /hub/pubnotify is authenticated on the docs page, not sure that's true

What about a medium tag in chapters (so my app can do 1.0x speed for Music but 2.0x speed for talking)?

Value blocks per chapter?

A "red button" action per chapter: click the red button and it does the specified action (open a webpage for example).

So many options!

@dave how about adding a content_version to chapters so people saving chapters know when/if there is an update?

FYI @dave it seems PI always thinks my feed (ID 130198, hosted on github) is updated.

lastUpdateTime should be the last time something interesting changed for an app right? Like a new ep?

Who can explain this intereting No Agenda chapters URL?

Podcastindex front page says just over 4mil podcasts. Database export has max ID >5.6mil. Wassup?

@dave how hard is it to find the amount of podcasts that use /ipfs/ or /ipns/ in their enclosure?

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