Podcast with people all over the world is really eye opening and will lead to less discrimination, more understanding and a more open people.

@adam asking John if he's familiar with wine. Briliant.

(I'm a bit behind on my queue)

Always very confused about the US date formatting on podcastindex episodes.

Maybe do YYYY-MM-DD so the whole world can use it @dave ?

We can discuss at length why I think MM/DD/YYYY is stupid 😉 , but YYYY-MM-DD works world wide in either case 😄

@adam is your latest Rogan ep available on a Free (as in speech) platform somewhere?

It would be nice if tor users would also see the (changing) album art for No Agenda @adam (your cloudflare currently blocks Tor users' image requests) 😿

: Formalizing alternateEnclosure tomorrow. That’s a big one. It will take a while and need review for sure.


- Documentaries 2.0

Podcasts using Satoshis.Stream: 86

My new podcast ep appeared on Breez within 3 minutes, how is that possible?

It's a github hosted RSS, last updated in January. No ping at all. Did people [before me] requesting the /episodes/ trigger a refresh?

How did it know to update the RSS/eps. Coincidence @dave?

I have quite a bit of requirements for podcast apps:

✅ Value-enabled streaming sats
✅ Playlist/queue
✅ Per episode value and speed settings
✅ PodcastIndex search
✅ Chapter support
✅ Auto download
✅ Works over Tor

Hope for a nice app which does it all this year 😍

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