Have a riot with the Podfriend Mac Native App!

(Also, after install, you have to actually right click and click open to run it, since it's not signed. Which I will see if I can do soon!)

Get it on:

This is the first time the mac app is out there, so let me know if you encounter any bugs or things that you think could be better!

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@martin I'll install this quickly when I get home to my Mac!

@dave Wuiiiii, I look forward to hearing what you think!

I just saw a bug (or well, visual annoyance), so I'm already uploading a new minor version :D

@martin Enhancement request - there's not much space in the top of the app to be able to hold it and move it about. Not sure the search bar needs to be 100%.

@martin Bug - I started playing Podnews, but then hit a button enticingly marked "SHARE PANEL". I was rewarded with the app disappearing from my screen and stopping playing the audio (though it was still in my dock).

@jamescridland Yikes! I will fix it later today. Thank you very much for the feedback.

@jamescridland The flow of fixing this highlights some of the challenges of being a developer.

The environment reports "Yes, we support navigator.share" which it doesn't and then crashes. (So I'll put in another check). Then I wanted to release, but auto updates are only supported if the app is signed (which I guess is fair) so now I have to fix that too.

Oh well, all in all it's not that much of a problem (hopefully), and will result in updates automatically being pushed to all platforms.

@martin @jamescridland Where do the automatic updates come from? You directly, or through the AppStore somehow?

@jamescridland That.... Looks odd.... Weird, it's the normal icon on mine. I will take a look at this too!

@martin When I sign-in, none of my favorite podcasts from the web show up 😩 I'd expect them to be stored as part of my account and any favorites on the desktop reflect on the web, and vise-versa.

@RyanHirsch Yeah, I will work on this very very soon! I need this as well - Your favorites ARE saved on the server, it's just not synchronizing right now.

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