Phew, new version of Podfriend out, now with the person search, and episode art for individual episodes (along with some bug fixes, and probably some new bugs to replace those).

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@martin Is that using our "search/byperson" endpoint, or something you baked on your side?

@dave It’s using your byperson endpoint (hope that’s okay!)

@martin Hi, I like your player a lot, do you have any plans to translate to other languages, like spanish for example? If you need help with that task I will very glad to help you.

@omoralesm I would love to, and thank you for your support! But it will probably be a bit later in the year. Right now things are changing super often, which would break translations all the time!

@martin Ok, no problem, just send me a meesage if you need help.

@omoralesm Thank you! Until then please do not hesitate to send requests about new features, or if there's something you do not like!

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