Here we go.

After struggling to decide which instance to use for a while, I decided to go for what I see as being most in the spirit of the Fediverse, and host my own personal instance. Somehow it feels like the most right, and future-proof, way to follow people from across many different instances.

It also conforms with the "everyone hosting their own data whenever possible" idea I am rather fond of.

@clq How hard was it to set up your own instance? Which one did you go with? :)

@martin Much easier than I expected it to be! It's running on Digital Ocean Droplet, and Mastadon comes pre-deployed. A bit of config editing is needed, and that's all! (Stuff like creating a page file and setting up auto-purging of media can also come in handy)

@clq That's pretty cool. I plan to integrate ActivityPub with Podfriend but I'm thinking how it would be easiest for myself... To implement it from scratch or start with something like Mastodon and use the API instead.

@martin Forking Mastodon could also be an option. I was somewhat reluctant to go with Mastodon. From my limited research it just seemed to be the best option for something that "just worked", and it has done just that. I'm not a huge fan of the interface though. I appreciate that it seems to be pushing ActivityPub forward, but once alternatives mature, I see myself switching to a much more lightweight alternative.

@martin A long way of saying: I'd welcome any ActivityPub implementations from scratch. I feel that Mastodon being seen as largely as a synonym with "ActivityPub client" limits the large potential that I think ActivityPub could have. :)


@clq Yeah, I agree. I want to use it for a lot of my content like... Reviews (they are relevant and specific for the podcast not for the podcast player, so let's share!) the same with comments to podcasts and episodes etc.

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@martin That would be cool! A podcast could be a user - each episode could be a post, and reviews/comments could be replies to that post! Would also make it easy to follow podcasts from any ActivityPub client, which could, optionally, build in their own way of displaying podcasts!

...or something like that. I'm just a dreamer. :D

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