@csb Good point, I'll take a look. Is that normally in the description?

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@csb I also see I will have to be careful with what HTML I let through. FeedBurner puts in a tracking 1x1 image, and I don't want that for my users.

@martin @csb
Do you mind sending me the feedURL of one of the ones you noticed so I can inspect the feed data?

@csb New update should be out (on web only) now, with clickable timestamps.

@csb left my computer now. I’ll probably not be back before Sunday evening, then I’ll send it!

@csb Haha, # of features does not make a product successful. It's the sum of the parts. - But this one seems like a nobrainer. Unfortunately it's not 110% as simple as just a regex, but it will solve a few other things I've had to do :D

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