New version of Podfriend out. Now with individual & messaged boosts!

Out on the web. Will try to release an Android and iOS version tonight too, but time is running out.

Leaving for Poland tomorrow and then will most likely be "away" for 3 weeks (I'll still be here on, but not have access to my development machine 😱 )

So... Just released an update to iOS Testflight as well as the Windows desktop.

I hope this will not be the ultimate "Never release on a Friday" (and before going on a 3 week Holiday!) 😅

@martin yay!! (About message boost not you leaving. 😉)

@adam Glad to hear that, and thanks a lot!

I look forward to visiting Poland, getting a new house and visiting Greece over the next 3 weeks, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't look forward to getting back to developing Podfriend even more 😅

There's awesome stuff on the horizon!

@martin @adam enjoy Poland! I was only there once briefly on a business trip...

Where can I find the message boost? Is it deployed anywhere yet?

@brianoflondon @adam Just deployed it to iOS, Android, Web and Windows Desktop!

You simply hold down the Boost button (it should have a small text message underneath) :)

@martin Just downloaded and everything seems fine. Enjoy your time off and thanks so much for all the work you do for PC 2.0.

@farrocha No thank you! You are the number one morale boost whenever I need it 💙

@brianoflondon @martin I’m seeing that on the web as well but not on the iOS beta.

@brianoflondon @farrocha I see the error too. Trying to do a fix! (not popular with the girlfriend right now 😂 )

@brianoflondon @martin I saw it earlier too but knew that Martin wouldn’t be able to let it go.

@brianoflondon @farrocha Phew - fix should be out on all platforms now. Time to head to bed!

Thank you both for your patience! 💙

@martin @brianoflondon @farrocha hahaha welcome to the girlfriend joy of “stop messing around with the computer!” 😂😂

@martin If it is, go with it. Make it the most epic one ever.

@AbleKirby I made a hardcoded list of a few photos! My hope is that it will gain traction enough to be part of the value block (maybe as an optional parameter) - hint hint @dave !


Please toot some photos of Poland from your trip there so I will boost them

@farrocha @adam @dave I'm not even sure I have a way of seeing boosted messages to myself yet 😱

@dave Do you know if there's any way to do it in voltage?

@agates @martin so you will be selling sync service? I'd rather buy an app. Recurring fees are depressing like loans, nothing friendly about them.

@dudenas @agates The server will also be open source.
Syncing will be free. Monetization will probably always be on a voluntary value for value mode :)

@martin @agates Nice! I will definitely try it then. Yet monetisation is important, without a good model projects tend to develop slowly or get abandoned.
But yeah, thanks for filling this gap with a sense of solidarity!

@martin @agates
and two cents more:
if the server is open source, you could charge a little for creating a sync account on yours. Would be fair and no lock-in.

@martin Just trying out the desktop app at the moment Martin and it's very slick. Super easy to transfer some sats to my account and start boosting around. Keen to try the android app when it comes out.

@Meremortals Glad to hear I’m on the right path! Lots more to do, but I hope to provide value on the way! There’s a link to an android apk on :)

@martin small layout issue with iPadOS 15b3 landscape. Also it seems the playback speeds don’t change? I tried a combination of pausing and restarting etc but 3x sounds just like .75 to me. Would really like a opml import/export to help onboarding.

@maxburn Yeah, saw the top icon conflict on my ipad today too! (I assume that is what you mean right?)
The playback speed is bugged right now, will fix as soon as I get back. Might be 1 week or 3, depending on internet connectivity! OPML is high on my list. Will hopefully get a chance to work on it soon too!

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