Fountain 0.3.20 is now live on iOS and Android!

⚡ Faster Boosts
💬 Sending Replies
⛰️ Offline Listening Support
🔒 Android Lock Screen Controls
🐛 Other Bug Fixes

@merryoscar Congrats in the release! All boosts are resulting in "payment error" with nothing shown in the wallet history.

@adam how much were you trying to boost for? Might have been INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS

@merryoscar i just boosted my own show for 500 sats and it worked fine. Its also a lot faster


@dielan great to hear thanks for testing!

@adam let me me know if it might be a low balance issue - otherwise I'll keep investigating

@adam ok found the issue which wasn't to do with the release - it looks like the show you were boosting had splits set to 0% which was causing the bug.

I've added a check for this now so if you try again everything should work.

@merryoscar Thanks Oscar. This feed is a particularly difficult one, it was already claimed and we had to change the owner email, which @dave did. Is that perhaps why the slim and fountain splits are at zero?

I know they didn't intend for that.

Can they fix that in the fountain podcaster wallet? @csb yes it's much more reliable on our side but there still may be issues if the receiving node lacks inbound liquidity or is offline.

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