I guess if I read the posts here before I posted.... Oh well :)

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And, for the record, I don't use Apple Podcasts as my daily driver listening app.

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Is it just me? Or has Apple messed up one of the good things about Apple Podcasts (the IOS App)? No more direct subscription (or follow *whatever) to a podcast? Seems like more "control" to me. Maybe I'm worng.

Maybe I'm missing something, but where do I read about the <podcast:value> tag? I don't see it in the github for the namespace.

@dave @adam I heard you mention Telegram on the last p2.0 show. How do I find that group or whatever on Telegram. (Newbie to telegram here)

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"Podcast Namespaces in RSS – Explained", new episode in the podcast "Podcast Help Desk" podcast by @mgdell


@dave @adam PowerPress Beta with Podcasting 2.0 tags. mikedell.com/feed/podcast/
I will email you the beta plugin.

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Podcasting 2.0 for January 22nd 2021 Episode 21: Hooray for Hollywood -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments at podcastindex.org and are joined by Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell from Blubrry Podcasting for some HOT Namespace Talk! l.curry.com/fnl

@adam I had a dog named "DOG"" (Deogee) I thought it was quite clever.

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PowerPress 8.4 is out now. Has Podcast Index in Destinations now! (along with Amazon)

Anyone know how long it takes after submission to the index, does a show become searchable?

Podcast Index Submission is available on Blubrry now! (even if your are not hosting on Blubrry)

Not directly related, but is there a mastodon app for IOS that works? I have it as a shortcut on my home screens now.

Be sure to watch InternationalPodcastday.com/live/ at 8pm Eastern. Thanks @adam for joining us!

@dave We at Blubrry do ping websub in the PowerPress plugin for users. I'm working on our dev team to do a submit feed to PodcastIndex.org :)

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