@jamescridland Slow news day? "Shure has announced a new MV7 Podcast Kit which includes the microphone and a matching mini tripod"

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@mgdell Yeah. a) it had a picture. I need pictures; b) many podcasters have Shure MV7's, and many more want one; c) literally none of the other stories had anything I could use for a picture except for Mark Cuban's ugly bloody face, and I refuse.

(This is why I got Blubrry's team to pose awkwardly round a table in December 2018. Where were you, though?)

@chidgey Thank you for the favourite. Though shouldn't you be out celebrating the Olympics? ;)

@jamescridland OMG. I was living in Sydney in late 1999 before moving to Canada for a few years. The locals in Sydney mostly left during the Olympics in 2000. They rented out their homes for 4x what they could’ve rented them for in a normal market. Those that stayed collectively hated it, I was reliably told. So yay?

@chidgey I was in London for the 2012 Olympics. It was utterly shit from about 2001 until the two hours before it was due to start. Then it was glorious.

To anyone else reading this: I've a big spare room for rent. Fast broadband. Free electricity (when the sun shines). Thirty minutes from the Olympic Stadium. What am I bid?

@jamescridland @chidgey My god. The endless construction is going to be awful. Get as much as you can to restore sanity.

@jamescridland @chidgey I hope you move somewhere else before then. The olympics leave unhappiness in their wake wherever they go. 😢

@dave @chidgey Genuinely don't think that'll happen here - they were good for London, and I think they'll be good here too. Very few new things are being built for the Olympics that wouldn't be built anyway ("this isn't stuff we're building for the Olympics, they're stuff we're building IN TIME FOR the Olympics" as our premier said) and I'm quite positive about the effect they'll have.

@jamescridland @chidgey 👍 Glad to hear that. I love watching the Olympics. Watched the US women’s team get their ass kicked by Sweden today. 😒 Not a great start.

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