Ok, I have been using Podcaster Wallet to setup to TAKE sats in Value 4 Value. BUT I have no idea how to look at the balance or do anything with it. I just setup a Bluewallet and got Fountain to SEND sats. But now I am starting a new show and want to setup V 4 V using the Bluewallet or Fountain. IS that possible?

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@mgdell If you want to receive sats and don’t want to run your own node you currently have 3 options: Fountain, Satoshis.Stream and Alby. All three are pretty easy. Each have their trade offs. For Fountain you need to do everything through the app. For Satoshis.Stream you must use Telegram. Alby is more of a traditional web experience for management.

@dave I'm going to give Fountain a try. I got the show cliamed, but how do I get that tag in the feed? or do I have to for this?

I mean, how do I create the tag to put in my feed (I know how to put in the value tag once I have one to put in) :)

@mgdell You don't have to. Fountain submits it to the index automatically. You can add it to your feed if you want to, but not necessary atm.

@mgdell That's a good question though. Hey @merryoscar, is there anywhere in the Fountain system that a user can see what their value block xml should look like? Or, do you just send them to podcasterwallet for that?

@dave @mgdell if you've already claimed your show on Fountain we insert the value block automatically into podcaster wallet.

We don't have an easy way to copy it manually but if you send me an email I can send it too you

What's the show called?

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