I mean, how do I create the tag to put in my feed (I know how to put in the value tag once I have one to put in) :)

@dave I'm going to give Fountain a try. I got the show cliamed, but how do I get that tag in the feed? or do I have to for this?

Ok, I have been using Podcaster Wallet to setup to TAKE sats in Value 4 Value. BUT I have no idea how to look at the balance or do anything with it. I just setup a Bluewallet and got Fountain to SEND sats. But now I am starting a new show and want to setup V 4 V using the Bluewallet or Fountain. IS that possible?

@adam Your RCPII sounded great on PC2.0!

You should share your settings so I can set mine up to sound that good :)

@dave @alberto @nathan @tomrossi7 From what I have heard, but do not know for sure, the RSS feed is still the master and they will pull that to match it up with the API data. How that works, I do not know.

@dave @jamescridland Wonder if you put one in the body of the post, if that would be picked up?

@js @Lehmancreations I let our dude named Ben know. He will look into it for PowerPress.

PowerPress 9.0.1 just released should fix the transcript tag. Let me know :)

@EverythingEverywhere @dave They must be filtered out here. I will have to ask the team when they get back

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