I might be the first to say it and most likely the only to say it, but I think the new value namespace is a terrible idea.

Need example feed that had transcripts name space included

@adam just posted feature on podcasters paradise (John lee Dumas).

@adam can I connect you with someone? If so how do we do it privately?

@dave @adam yes we all have regular jobs. Software/IT Consulting here. Male stripper in Sweetwater, Texas cabaret part-time and Diesel mechanic the other half.

@dave what % of podcasts in your index are not included in iTunes?

What's your preferred flavor of Linux? Looking for suggestions on which distro is best to use.

@jamescridland @dave @adam @Lehmancreations Alright I found out what the issue was concerning the missing images. It was a text encoding issue in the XML document that caused the parsing of the XML to fail, and in return there was no entry to download the image. Got it corrected, I plan to download all RSS feeds and then download any missing images.

@adam COMPUTER CHRONICLES is the BBC program you were thinking of in last podcast episode.

@dave I publish the image resize code to github. First time using it integrated with VS 2019. Anyhow, I published with "here" in the description field. Not sure how to fix/change it. If you know of a fix, forward it to me otherwise I'll look at this weekend.

@dave just wrapping up images. What do you want to do if the image is not found? Revert to a fall back image or return a 404? What if the URL is blank? Return nothing, or show a text message for the proper format of the URL, or just say image hosting, etc? And should we log images that can not be found so we get an idea of whether we are missing images and/or how successful or not we are at full filling requests. Of course no user logger...

@dave apparently MySQL and MS SQL do CRC hashes differently. I believe I found a function that will mimic the MySQL results. Before mass renaming files can you confirm the CRC from MySQL for the following entry.


Thanks, Mike

@dave @adam and it's already started as I predicted at the start. Rob Walch from Libsyn is criticizing the new locked tag on FB Group Podcast Movement. Warning people that hosting providers will now be able to lock them out of moving their content. His quote, "Not sure what thought went into that part of this tag.". Ah... what a bunch of crap!

@dave @adam thanks for opportunity to host images. Just want to let EVERYONE know, there will be no logging at all. Completely turned off. No log files...NOTHING!

@dave working on resizing my images right now. FYI it appears that from my testing of resizing iTunes is using 95% compression rate. I think your 80% might be too low.

@dave heads up! Looking over image URLs. Looks like just about 40,108 podcasts are using duplicate images. Of which 11,053 are unique. You might want to reconsider that CRC32 hash name instead of using record ID.

@dave trying to figure out what was finalized on image specs. Here's what I found on GitHub, not sure if they are up to date. File name is CRC32 hash of URL. Resized to 2400, 1200, 600, and 300 pixels.

And PodcastIndex URL as follows:


Correct? Or are there more dimensions?

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