@dave @adam and it's already started as I predicted at the start. Rob Walch from Libsyn is criticizing the new locked tag on FB Group Podcast Movement. Warning people that hosting providers will now be able to lock them out of moving their content. His quote, "Not sure what thought went into that part of this tag.". Ah... what a bunch of crap!

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@mikek999 @dave That’s disappointing to hear. Anyone is welcome to discuss and contribute to the namespace.

@mikek999 @adam If that’s what he thinks, he doesn’t understand how it works. launches the namespace tomorrow. 🎉

@mikek999 @dave @adam he is bringing up problems that *may* exist while avoiding a problem that *does* exist.

@tomrossi7 @mikek999 @dave @adam Rob Walch, meet domains. 😛

And yet, why isn't Rob here commenting on things as they develop?

@mikek999 @dave @adam As you'll see in the middle of this piece - - Walch is very good at being sneery and negative, but not very good at understanding issues properly, and certainly poor at engaging. Libsyn is one of the worst podcast hosts for privacy - yet his aggressive behaviour on social media (he's blocked both me and the author of this piece, Bryan, from seeing his posts). I'd love to engage, but he's rude, arrogant, and unfortunately badly informed.

@mikek999 @dave @adam Worth adding that he rants in his The Feed podcast today about privacy, complaining that "newsletters" are running advertiser-funded hit-pieces on him (which is nonsense); but failing to answer the serious allegations about poor privacy that Libsyn gives their users. He also complains that HotPod hasn't covered privacy at all. That may be - but, for the record, Podnews has written 29 stories about it this year alone, and virtually every Sounds Profitable article covers it.

@jamescridland @dave @adam he's probably grumpy from all of the revenue that Libsyn is loosing from podcasters switching to Spotify. You gotta know the Joe Rogan bandwidth bill had to be at least $50k a month. Be interesting to see the quarterly reports in the next year regarding revenue. Bet it's down!

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