@dave apparently MySQL and MS SQL do CRC hashes differently. I believe I found a function that will mimic the MySQL results. Before mass renaming files can you confirm the CRC from MySQL for the following entry.

Thanks, Mike

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@mikek999 I do the hashes in software instead of in the DB. Give me the value that's easiest for you to generate and I'll just make sure I match your algo.

@dave the problem I ran into is that MySQL does CRC hash with unsigned integers - which is good, but differs from what value you’ll get from PHP, C#, and MS SQL as they used signed. And sometimes the CRC value will be negative, which I causes issues. I found a method that does the same CRC calculations as MYSQL so I’d like to just go that route if we can. I just want to double check that your CRC matches mine. You should be able to use MySQL crc32 easily correct?

@mikek999 Ok, MySQL gives back:




@mikek999 PHP gives the same thing:




@mikek999 And, yes using the MySQL internal function shouldn't be a problem.

@dave here is a value to test. It’s with https:// removed as we discussed.

@dave actually give me software hash also so I can see what it returns. Thanks.

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