What's your preferred flavor of Linux? Looking for suggestions on which distro is best to use.

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@mikek999 I’ve been using Lubuntu for about 2 years now. Love it. Have a pine64 convergence in the way which apparently runs PostmarketOS and has a desktop mode

@mikek999 Fedora for the longest time + 33 just got officially released!

@mikek999 I’ve been using Ubuntu for years now so it’s my default. The systemd switchover threw me for a loop but I’m mostly ok with it now. Old habits die hard.

I've been using Ubuntu for years as well. The only one on which I could enable Secure Boot on Dell.
But everytime a neighbor asks me if I can fix his/her PC that has been "inexplicably slow for months (it was ok with Win95 when we bought it but now with Vista it lags)" I install ElementaryOS.

@benjaminbellamy @dave @mikek999
Ubuntu user here also.

Although I use it with tiling window manager xmonad 😄. It never lags.

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