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@dave description tag in feed, I strip out HTML. Podcasters like to copy and past HTML into the description field which causes problems when showing a on a HTML web page via a DB field contents. And just to confirm, you currently strip characters that may cause SQL code injection from fields?

An example of an issue I found was with your feed export, some fields have line feed which causes major problem with the CSV export format. Try loading your export into google sheets and you’ll see...

@dave @adam status on IPFS. I’m looking to get this up on my infrastructure in the next two weeks? I’ll slating it for mid October to early November for setup. Looking to publish feed url listing: full set, newly added, duplicates, and pirated.

@dave FYI rewriting my agitator for a third time starting next week. Going the way of dockers vs virtual machines. We’ll let you know how it turns out, but looking very good on ease of deployment and maximizing tasks vs length to complete.

@dave @adam with all the talk in last few episodes with duplicate sermons.... it’s not just sermons. While looking for feed hijackers I ran queries on episodes. Just over 96,000 duplicate episodes in iTunes. With each duplicate having the same episode name, same length of duration, and same published date. Oh and guess what.... 95% of them were are related to the game Dungeons and Dragons. @adam your turn to roll the 20 sided dice :)

@dave FYI, I wanted to change my username here on mastodon to reflect the same name I use on Github. Couldn't figure out how to change it, so I deleted my account and created a new one. I also somehow, got disconnected from the the GitHub project, can you please re-add me. Thanks, Mike (formerly known as

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