Added some bug fixes and UX improvements to the Podverse Embed Player.

Specifically added a loading spinner and some other changes to make the player load incrementally so it's not just a blank space on screen while loading.


@podverse Cool! Added these in to my static site for all of my pages:

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@mikeneumann @podverse requesting link to rss feed. Can't find it anywhere on the linked website.

@10leej @podverse Hi Joshua, to the show’s feed? It’s at BTW, when I’m looking for links to feeds for shows, I look them up on Dave has the link to the RSS feed on every page of the index.

@mikeneumann @podverse So why not have a link for it on the website of the show? I think that's bad UX design.

@10leej I appreciate the feedback. I guess that I’ve always considered that the RSS feed is not interesting to anyone other than index aggregators, podcast players, developers, etc. Also, I haven’t even drafted up an “About” page for the show yet. I guess I could add a link there for those who care to see a screen full of XML in their browser.

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