@mikeneumann Cool! I tried to send a Boostagram. But I got an error message about "keysend".

@Lyceum Howdy, Martin 👋 Hmmm. In my experience, I’ve used the @getAlby plug-in to sling sats through @podverse. That may be your missing ingredient?

@mikeneumann @getAlby @podverse I think I have the plug-in in place. See screenshot. I am starting getting overwhelmed with all the different ways of sending / streaming sats! ;) @getAlby I have to join your call someday! When do you have you meetings? Please indicate the Central European Time zone. I tried to figure out the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on Time.is, but it says 2 hours after Sweden. I thought it was the same time zone as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)! ;)


@Lyceum @mikeneumann what does the error say?

Also are you logged into Alby in the browser? I have Alby *pinned*, then I left-click it to log into it.

@podverse @mikeneumann I get this message: "ERROR: User denied permission or cancelled." See screenshot. Maybe I don't have enough sats? Is @getAlby connected with my BlueWallet?

@Lyceum @mikeneumann @getAlby when you click the Alby icon from your extensions, what does it look like? Does it show you are logged in?

@Lyceum @mikeneumann @getAlby ah interesting. are you using an Alby wallet, or did you connect a different wallet?

Alby gives you the option of connecting different wallets instead of using a wallet they provide for you during sign up.

@podverse @mikeneumann @getAlby I connected to BlueWallet. That was the one I used when I started with Fountain. I would be happy to have an Alby wallet too, if I get how to use it.

@Lyceum @mikeneumann @getAlby ok, maybe BlueWallet doesn’t support keysend. This is a question for Alby support then.

My understanding is there are two types of LN transactions…invoice, and keysend. We use keysend for V4V because it allows you to immediately send, instead of needing to go through the invoice generation process to send.

@podverse @mikeneumann @getAlby Thanks for the information. How do I use Alby wallet then? @moritzk Thanks for sending 210 sats!

@Lyceum @podverse @mikeneumann @getAlby

Sadly BlueWallet does not support Keysend yet. That´s why you see this error message on Podverse.
You can link your Alby wallet account to the Alby extension and spend the 210 sats on Podverse: Open the extension, click on the account menu (top left) and add a new account. You will find the Alby account there.

@Lyceum @moritzk @mikeneumann @getAlby hmm the error message seems clear it’s an inbound liquidity problem on the recipient side…but I’m surprised if that’s the case with Podcast Index’s node.

@podverse @moritzk @mikeneumann @getAlby Is it something that I could do about it? Thanks for answering my questions!

@Lyceum @moritzk @mikeneumann @getAlby it might not be. Either it’s a bug with Alby or an issue with the node you’re sending to. I’ll try sending a boost from my laptop in a bit to see if I get the same issue.

@Lyceum @podverse @mikeneumann @getAlby

The node you tried to send the payment to was offline last week. That´s why it did not work.

@podverse @moritzk @mikeneumann @getAlby I am totally lost now! I tried to use Podverse app on my smartphone and send a Boostagram. It didn't work, and I think I have "closed" my Alby account now. I have to take a break! LOL!

@Lyceum @podverse @mikeneumann @getAlby

Thanks for trying it out. Let´s see what happened. You managed to add you Alby wallet account to the Podverse app?
Maybe you can tell me the name of the podcast and I can test it on my side.

@podverse @mikeneumann @getAlby @moritzk Thanks for the information! Do you have a video / post on how to add funds the Alby wallet later on?

@Lyceum @podverse @mikeneumann @getAlby

How to add funds to your Alby Lightning wallet?
1) Use your Alby Lightning Address
2) Use the Alby wallet as your podcaster wallet in your RSS feed
3) Select the Alby account in the extension, click on receive and pay with BlueWallet
We add more and more guides to guides.getalby.com/

@Lyceum @podverse @mikeneumann @getAlby

To transfer funds from BlueWallet to your Alby wallet you can type lyceum@getalby.com into the invoice field when you send a payment (for example)

Hope that helps.

@moritzk @podverse @mikeneumann @getAlby I managed to do it now. It is a bit tricky to do it the first. What is receive and what is send, etc.! ;) I have now the LNDHub and the GetAlby.com wallet with my user id lyceum@getalby.com. Thanks for creating guides for us newbies! :)

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